by Raziel Siegman (’17)


On Wednesday, last year’s “Meet the Israeli Author” class gathered during lunch to receive the printed publications of their collected Hebrew short stories. Over the course of the year, each student wrote a short story in Hebrew with the help of Morah Haibi. Each month, they skyped with award-winning Israeli author Mrs. Chana Bat Shachar, who critiqued the stories and helped guide the students through revisions and corrections.

The students finally received the fruits of their hard work as they were handed a copy of the new publication, while on a skype call with Mrs. Bat Shachar. Also present were Dr. Taylor and Rabbi Kahn, who expressed their admiration for this one-in-a-kind opportunity that is presented to the students at MTA. Mrs. Rosenberg, the founder of this program, also mentioned how the National Library of Israel–in admiration of the quality of the publication–now archives every annual issue. The students were all congratulated for their prestigious accomplishment, having obtained skills that will last them a lifetime. Much thanks to Mrs. Rosenberg, Morah Haibi and Mrs. Bat Shachar who all put in a tremendous amount of work throughout the year to ensure the success of this wonderful program.


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