by Yedidya Schechter (’19)

After davening last Thursday morning, the 10th grade talmidim who are in the yeshiva fellowship program boarded the buses to embark on an amazing trip to learn about kashrus in none other than a kosher restaurant, the ideal setting for seeing how kashrus works. We arrived at Mike’s Bistro – founded by Mike Gershkovich (’92) – an upscale restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, and everyone went inside where Rabbi Dov Schreier, a Rabbinic Coordinator for the OU, taught us about the kashrus process. He discussed interesting questions that come up in regards to kashrus, such as eating meat that was made on dairy equipment. After the fascinating speech, we took a tour of the restaurant kitchen and saw all the large and small details alike that need to be taken into account in order for the food to be considered kosher.

With a new understanding of the kashrus process, we went to Mendy’s restaurant to have a delicious meat lunch, after which we headed back to yeshiva for our afternoon classes. Thank you to Rabbi Axelrod for organizing and chaperoning us on this fun and educational trip.


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