by Rafi Felder (’17)

Last Thursday, all the students of the 12th grade, in a joint trip with those taking the “Names, Not Numbers” elective, had the unique opportunity to visit the well-regarded Jewish Heritage Museum of New York, which houses a collection of exhibits dedicated to the remembrance of the Holocaust and the destruction of Jewish life that resulted in its wake. The excursion began after shacharis when they boarded the busses and made their way down to Battery Park, where the museum is located. From there, they were guided into a large events room where they heard about the museum’s history from Dr. Paul Radensky, the Assistant Director of Education at the museum, and then prepared themselves for the serious day ahead. The then split into two groups, one having a chance to discuss in small groups various “ethical wills” left by Holocaust survivor and their children, and the other being led by professional tour guides through the museum; at the end, the two groups then switched. Overall, the students were inspired, shocked, and experienced an array of other emotions; they were able to use the opportunity to further their knowledge and gain an understanding that will prove especially crucial for those in the “Names, Not Numbers” course as the elective continues. The students would like to thank Mrs. Tova Rosenberg, Rabbi Richter, and the other members of the administration who made the emotional day a success.


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