by Noam Putterman (’18)

This past Wednesday during lunch, the talmidim in the Yeshiva Fellowship met in the Library for a Bnai Aliyah meeting, headed by 11th grade Rebbe, Rabbi Netanel Danto. Rav Danto defined the words “Bnai Aliyah” as representing that every individual must strive to achieve his highest level. This was the perfect segue to the next topic, the mitzvah of Shabbos. Rabbi Danto told a story in which a certain Gadol was asked which Halachah Seder topic he would learn each day if he had to choose only one, to which the Gadol answered that he would learn Hilchos Shabbos. Rabbi Danto then told amazing stories about the power of Shabbos–including the power to make some Birthright Jews become completely Shomer Shabbos and Mitzvos. Rabbi Danto’s divrei Torah were particularly relevant as the Yeshiva students will be going on a school-wide Shabbaton this coming weekend. Keeping what they learned in mind, the Yeshiva Fellowship students hope to bask in the beauty of Shabbos together with the entire Yeshiva.


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