by Ari Englander (’17)

On Monday, immediately following davening, Rabbi Cohen’s Shiur loaded onto a bus and headed to the beautiful Hebrew Home at Riverdale. As part of a new chessed initiative, the boys were excited to spend their morning in the company of the elderly residents there. When they arrived, the students were greeted by the smiling, gracious staff of the home, who gave them a brief tour of a small section of the gorgeous, spacious grounds, as well as instructions on what they would be doing. Three groups were formed; one large group participated in a dance circle, and the other two smaller groups broke off to converse with some of the residents. After a little while, the groups rejoined to talk with a particularly witty and insightful individual, and to tour the on-site Judaica museum. After taking a picture, the boys reluctantly made their way towards the bus and returned to MTA. Thank you to everyone who helped organize this special event, including the hospitable staff and the elderly people the boys talked with for their wisdom-filled comments.


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