by Noam Josse (’17)

This past Motzaei Shabbos, Yeshiva University held its annual Yeshiva-Wide Melave Malka featuring YU Roshei Yeshiva and Rebbeim as well as the popular singer Eitan Katz. Many MTA students attended, and there was even a bus from Teaneck to YU for the talmidim who did not have rides. The program began with a dinner in the YU Cafeteria. MTA alumnus Binyamin Pfeiffer (’13) spoke to the crowd, followed by YU Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Eli Baruch Shulman. The dinner was filled with spirited ruach and dancing. The program was followed by a Kumsitz in the Max Stern Athletic Center, which was attended by a large portion of the YU student body, as well as a number of the Roshei Yeshiva and faculty. At the end of the event, YU handed out its updated Roshei Yeshiva poster for free to all those in attendance. Overall, the MTA students who attended were able to be inspired as well as get a better taste of being part of the greater Yeshiva University community.


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