by Ariel Dubizh (’17)


This past Sunday morning, the MTA wrestling team had the opportunity to attend the Port Richmond HS Holiday Wrestling Tournament in Staten Island. The team warmed up with the captains’ lead and then set out to wrestle. After many tough matches, with coaches and captains shouting advice from the sidelines, MTA came out with three finalists and two wrestlers going for third place. Zachary Gurwitz (18′) in the 145 pound weight class and Benjy Bral (’18) in the 120 pound weight class both managed to reach 3rd place. Izzy Frasko (’17) placed first in the 220 pound weight class, while Alex Knapp (’17) in the heavyweight class and Ariel Dubizh (’17) in the 138 pound weight class came in 2nd in their divisions. The day was long and exhausting, and ended with the Lions taking 7th place. This was a great accomplishment with so many schools participating, but it wasn’t over for the team since there was another match the very next day!

On Monday, after the grueling tournament, the wrestling team took a bus over to SAR High School. Immediately upon arrival, weigh-ins took place and warm-ups followed suit. The individual matches were brutal and strenuous, and by the end of the close match, SAR took the win. Although the loss was difficult, with dedication, integrity and hard work, the team is working its way back to where it should be. The MTA wrestling team is looking forward to its next match against TABC on January 4th.


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