by Elie Benedek (’20)

This past Tuesday night was the semiannual Study Night, organized by the Arista National Honors Society and Mrs. Levitt. Many students and members of the faculty stayed in school late to prepare for the upcoming finals, and it was an amazing success. After filling themselves up with pizza provided by Arista, the students who stayed had the opportunity to come and go as they pleased to multiple review sessions taught by their teachers, divided into three, hour-long sessions throughout the night. Another popular choice the students had was to study for their exams in the library with the Arista tutors, where they could work one-on-one with a tutor. When all was said and done, everyone felt more equipped for their finals. A special thank you Mrs. Levitt and Arista for organizing and overseeing the event, and to all the teachers who stayed late to help prepare their students for their upcoming exams.


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