Last Friday, MTA LEAD students had the opportunity to once again partake in the Kukin Lecture Series at the Sy Syms school of business, hearing from Lori Barzvi, Founder of Eaur Beauty and creator of “My Solemate.” Ms. Barzvi shared her personal and professional story, relating that she started off working in a family owned restaurant, which she said was not exactly the type of profession she wanted to go into. She therefore decided to try to develop a new product and ultimately make a business from it. She designed several beauty products, one of which she showed us; her product “My Solemate” has become one of the top rated products on Amazon. Remarkably, her goal when designing it was simply to fill a customer desire of having smooth feet. Ms. Barzvi also told the group about her advertising adventures as she developed and grew her company into what it is today. We were very grateful for the opportunity to hear this presentation.


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