by Raziel Siegman (’17)


As always, MTA played played in the prime time 5:30 game at YU’s annual Red Saracheck Basketball Tournament, which began this past Thursday. The tier I qualifier against YULA, a team that has a historic rivalry with MTA, was bound to be a thriller. After being beaten by YULA in the same opening tier I game last year, the Lions were hungry for revenge. The game opened up in disappointing fashion, with YULA taking an early lead and going into the locker room at halftime with a 20-10 lead. However, with the support and cheering of the entire MTA student body, MTA came out of the locker room on fire, hitting their shots and creeping up on YULA’s lead. After two three pointers by Aryeh Halpert (’17), the fans were overpowering the gym with their cheering, and Binyamin Buchbinder (’17) finally tied up the game for MTA in the fourth quarter at 22 points apiece. The Lions never looked back, and continued to play behind their ferocious defense as they continued their second-half 21-4 point run. The team leaders were Yehuda Colton (’17) with 7 points and eight rebounds, and Aryeh Halpert with nine points. To read more about the game, read the MacsLive coverage.

Unfortunately, the Lions struggled this morning and fell to the Frisch Cougars in the Tier I Quarterfinals game. Play will resume Sunday as they compete for the 5 spot.


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