by Izzy Klavan (’18)

Over the past few weeks, MTA was privileged to host four students who came on an exchange program from Yeshivat Makor Chaim to bring ruach, inspiration, and a taste of an Israeli atmosphere to our yeshiva. From decorating our library, to enhancing our Rosh Chodesh davening and developing a connection with every shiur, we are so thankful to have had Yishai, Yonatan, Zvi, and Eitan. This past Tuesday morning, when the time came for them to finally head back home, the talmidim and faculty from various shiurim sang and danced the “Makochnikim” to Rabbi Richter’s car where they would eventually be escorted to the airport. In the pouring rain, students danced around the car and delayed as long as possible so that everyone could say their good-byes. It was sad to have to see them go back home! We will all miss them immensely and we wish them hatzlacha in all of their endeavors. V’shavu Banim L’gvulam!!


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