Last Shabbos, MTA students enjoyed a special Shabbaton in Monsey as part of MTA’s special community programming initiative. Over the course of the year, shabbatons have been held in a variety of MTA communities; local students have the opportuntinty to welcome other MTA students as guests and all the boys enjoy Shabbos together.

On Friday night, after a mincha by Yochanon Zupnik (’19) and a Kabbalos Shabbos/Maariv by DJ Wartelsky (’20), about 40 boys enjoyed a special dinner together, along with Rabbi Schiller and Shuey Jacoby, in the Kehillas Bais Yehuda (KBY) social hall. After the seuda, the boys had the opportunity to hear a special halacha shiur from Rabbi Schiller followed by a grand tisch with even more food and candy.

The members of KBY, which was the centerpoint of the Shabbaton, had the opportunity to hear a drashsa from Rabbi Schiller during Shabbos morning davening. The boys reconvened at KBY for mincha, followig which they enjoyed a Shalosh Seudos with the shul, and once again with Rabbi Schiller. Special thanks to the Kahan, Borgen, and Teichman families for helping with the Shabbaton, and to Rabbi Green and Elie Hirt for coordinating, and to Rabbi Schiller and Shuey for attending.


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