by Rafi Felder (’17)


This past Monday, Shushan Purim, the entire yeshiva enjoyed a festive Chagigah in celebration of this joyous holiday season. Beginning at 10:30 AM, the Chagigah in The Lion’s Den featured plenty of spirited dancing, delicious hamantashen, divrei Torah viChizuk from YU’s Rabbi Eitan Schnall, himself an MTA graduate, and an entertaining costume contest! In addition, generous portions of Chapcorn and Ari’s Herring were available for the entire Yeshiva. We even had the special privilege of hearing songs from our very own choir (who went on to win the Shiru competition later that evening)! We thank all the rebbeim and students who helped maintain the energy in the room, Mrs. Levitt and Morah Haibi for their costume-contest judging, and everyone else who helped make the morning such an enjoyable success.


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