by Shua Pariser (’20)


This Past Monday, MTA participated in its fourth Torah Bowl meet of the year. It was the most tense meet: the Playoffs. The participants were tested on Pinchas, Mattos, and Masei. When MTA arrived, there was a delicious pizza lunch. Due to MTA’s outstanding play throughout the season, they received a bye and were to play the best team of Ramaz, SAR and Heichal. The opening game was between SAR and Ramaz, with Ramaz emerging victorious. Ramaz then played a fierce match against Heichal. Heichal took the win, sending them to play against the MTA Lions in a series of 3 games. In game one, the Lions destroyed with a score of 18-4. The next game was very close, but the Lions just lost, making the score of the series 1-1. In game three, the MTA Lions were victorious, sending them to the championships! A big mazal tov to Rabbi Pearl and the team on their win. We wish them much hatzlacha with their final championship match.


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