by Baruch Schwartz (’18)

On Monday, Rabbi Danto’s shiur celebrated the completion of 24 dapim of Gemara. With the completion of these dapim, the shiur also completed the first perek of Meseches Rosh Hashanah. The siyum was preceded by a review session lasting two and a half hours. This was concluded by singing and dancing for several minutes. Following this, there was a fleisheg lunch, at which point Rabbi Sarfaty, a YU rebbe, asked the talmidim questions on the material. After doing marvelously and showing their mastery of the material, the shiur had a satisfaction that only comes from hours of hard and focused work. At the conclusion of the event, everyone felt very accomplished, but there was also a sense of anticipation in the air for the new learning that will be embarked on in the future.


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