by Elishama Marmon (’20)

This past weekend, the Yeshiva Fellowship held its second annual Yeshiva Fellowship Shabbaton. Some of the talmidim played a few games of paintball at the Paintball Asylum in the pouring rain, which really added to the experience, while the others went bowling in Bowler City, and then rock climbing at High Exposure. Everyone then met up at the Best Western Hotel at Hunt’s Landing in Pennsylvania, to prepare for Shabbos. As a major goal of the shabbaton was talmud Torah, each member of the Yeshiva Fellowship chose his Makom Kavua for learning seder by placing his seforim there.

On Friday night, Rabbi Axelrod led an inspiring Kabalas Shabbos, infused with beautiful singing and dancing. The talmidim ate a delicious Friday night seudah, which included a d’var Torah by Noam Josse (’17). After the seudah ended, there was learning seder, during which the talmidim learned, mostly b’chavrusa (some independently) in the Beis Midrash for forty-five minutes. Following seder was an Oneg Shabbos, led by Rabbi Axelrod, who also shared a meaningful d’var Torah. The talmidim listened while enjoying delicious cholent and potato kugel. Following the Oneg Shabbos, many talmidim continued learning while others played games in the dining rooms or in their rooms.

On Shabbos day, the boys made their way to the Beis Midrash for Shacharis led by Elishama Marmon (’20) and Musaf led by Dov Tuchman (’18). Rabbi Schenker spoke about the importance of appreciating and learning from your Rebbeim and after a kiddush and another powerful forty-five minutes of learning, the Shabbos day seudah was served. The boys sang zemiros, led by Rabbi Mendelson, who also gave a d’var Torah about Pesach, specifically the arba leshonos of geulah. Two talmidim, Akiva Cooper (’18) and Zeve Kornwasser (’18) then shared amazing divrei Torah. After the seudah, some talmidim learned, while others had the privilege of hearing from Rav Lavi Greenspan, who inspired everyone with the story of how he went blind at age 26 and how he kept his emunah despite his nisyonos. The talmidim sat and listened intently to Rav Greenspan’s powerful story. Everyone had the opportunity to ask Rav Greenspan questions about his experience, and then either continued to learn or went back to their rooms to nap or enjoy Shabbos with fellow talmidim.

Ben Tzion Zuckier (’17) led Mincha, which was followed by Shalosh Seudos and divrei chizuk from Rabbi Pearl. Rav Greenspan led Maariv, and Rabbi Axelrod made a beautiful havdalah. Then, there was a spirited Melaveh Malkah and everyone loaded the buses to go home.

Thank you to all the Rebbeim for organizing this shabbaton and making it so meaningful. Thank you to all of our chazanim for helping to uplift everyone’s davening. Thank you to Rav Greenspan for coming to inspire us with his story. Thank you to everyone who gave Divrei Torah over the course of Shabbos, and thank you to the members of the Yeshiva Fellowship who came and made this Shabbos truly one to be remembered.


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