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On Wednesday during lunch, MTA LEAD students had the opportunity to hear from Avi Orlian (’15) who talked about his own interests in business since a young age. Enabled by MTA LEAD when he was a student at MTA, Avi already launched his first business while in high school and, now as a student in YU’s Sy Syms School of Business, Avi continues to expand his business portfolio. Most recently, he launched aOrlian, an e-commerce and digital marketing firm. He was able to provide the gathered students very practical advice on how to get their business running, walking them through how he started a custom fidget spinner business without ever stocking the inventory.

The students very much appreciated hearing Avi’s unique insight and advice and were delighted when he provided his contact information, offering to help guide them with their ideas. We thank Avi, a great representative of a Lion4Life!


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