by Kovi Pahmer (’20)

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This past Thursday, the Lions took on the HAFTR Hawks in The Lions’ Den in the league quarter-finals. The game opened up with Daniel Libesman (’18) scoring off of the opening kick off, which eventually would turn into 6 goals scored in the game for him. During the game, Benjy Bral (’18) and Daniel Silverstein (’17) both scored earning them their first goals in a playoff game. The game was intense with the goalies for both teams playing well. Additionally, Marc Giahn (’17) played incredible defense, which helped sophomore phenom Hudy Weiss (’19) accrue a plethora of assists. After a scoring barrage, Yaakov Weisberger (’19) put in the final goal in what was ultimately an 18-6 rout. The leading scorers were Daniel Libesman (’18) with six and Ariel Feurstien (’17) with five. MTA will now advance to the semis!


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