by Noam Putterman (’18)

This past Shabbos, Rabbi Khan and his family hosted a Shalosh Seudos at his house for the Teaneck and Bergenfield talmidim, as well as those who came for Shabbos for this special event. This was no ordinary MTA gathering, however, because featured at the Shalosh Seudos was Elie Hirt, Avi Matanky, and Shuey Jacoby, MTA’s beloved Assistant Director of Student Activities and Recruitment, Director of Admissions, and Executive Director. The food was excellent, but the highlight was a niggun taught by Rabbi Tanchum Cohen, Maggid Shiur of the Wrubel Beis Midrash Katan. The niggun taught was in Yiddish, and its chorus was “VeAhavta LeRei’acha Kamocha.” This niggun was particularly relevant as Motzaei Shabbos was Lag BaOmer. Following the niggun and some additional singing, Rabbi Kahn shared ideas from a Pirkei Avos Seder that he has during the weeks of Sefirah. The talmidim were inspired by these words of Torah, proceeding to sing, eat and then sing some more until bentsching. Ma’ariv was led by DJ Wartelsky (’20), and Havdalah by Rabbi Kahn. The talmidim wish to thank the administration for coordinating this phenomenal program, and hope to see many more similar gatherings in the future.


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