by Akiva Cooper (’18)

Although the dark grey clouds covered the sky on Thursday, nothing could dampen the excitement of the talmidim in Rabbi Danto’s shuir. Due to the weather, the Shiur’s deep sea fishing trip was cancelled, and instead the shiur enjoyed an equally exciting bowling and indoor paintballing competition. As a way to cap off an amazing year of learning, and also a way to celebrate finishing Masechet Rosh Hashana multiple times, the shiur started off their siyum trip in the alleys of Bowler City. After stopping off at EJ’s to have lunch and receive their unique awards, they trekked to Staten Island to compete in amazing competitions at an indoor paintball arena. The long bus rides allowed the talmidim to bond as they played the exciting and competitive game of “Psyhc.” Though the day was exhilarating, the best was yet to come. The talmidim arrived in Passaic with ample time to relax with some refreshing ice cream, change into their suits and do chazara on the last piece of Gemara. The talmidim were ready. The seudas mitzvah started off with an inspiring dvar Torah from Gabe Issacs (’18), which was followed by the siyum lead by Akiva Cooper (’18), Yaakov Beinstock (’18), and Benny Jacob (’18). The dancing then commenced. After the talmidim were able to celebrate their accomplishment with their Rebbe, parents, and even some grandparents, they heard divrei Torah from Rabbi Ezra Schwartz and Aryeh Margolin (’18). It was an fun and inspiring day for a fun and most inspiring year.


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