by David Tanner (’18)

PolisMTA is known for its multitude of student publications. Shema Koleinu is the weekly Torah newsletter, Pearls of Wisdom is the poetry and short story anthology, and The Academy News is MTA’s student newspaper. But is there an outlet for MTA students to develop scholarly skills by writing serious, academic, in-depth articles? The Polis, advised by Dr. Taylor, seeks to fill that very role. There has long been a current-events and politics magazine called The Polis at MTA, but last year, after a hiatus, it was reborn as an annual dedicated to showcasing the most sophisticated exchange of ideas to be found in MTA. A multidisciplinary journal, The Polis includes articles on Jewish and General History, political thought, and any other scholarly topic that catches the eye of an MTA student or teacher. This new form of The Polis, inaugurated last year with “The Centennial Edition” and continuing this year as “The Centennial Series: Volume Two,” is staking a realistic claim to the title of “MTA’s most prestigious publication”. All are invited to read Volume Two of The Polis, and to contribute to next year’s issue!


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