On Tuesday, May 30, the MTA Mountain Lions kayaked the Pompton and Passaic Rivers from Lincoln Park to Little Falls, NJ. The highlight of the amazing trip was the discovery of a flock of geese nesting on an island just north of the junction of the rivers. The female geese were sitting on nests containing as many as 5-6 very large goose eggs, and the perimeter of the area was patrolled by loud, aggressive males. The males yielded to the MTA kayakers armed with paddles, who went ashore to inspect the eggs. After briefly considering chasing away the birds in order to take one of the eggs and thereby fulfill the mitzvah of “shiluach haken,” the group decided for several reasons that the right thing to do was just to leave them alone.

This was the final Outdoors Club event of the school year, which featured an astounding 9 trips! The club looks forward to getting an early start in September, so interested students should watch their e-mail over the summer!


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