by Ephraim Meiri (’18)

This past Shavous, over 30 upper-class talmidim were able to take advantage of the opportunity to experience the celebration of kabalas haTorah in our own Yeshiva. The program began with minchah and ma’ariv in the Klein Beis Medrash, with a sichah from Rabbi Kahn that served as an introduction to the chag. After maariv, the students ate a delicious Yom Tov meal with the rest of the Yeshiva University students, while singing and listening to inspiring divrei Torah. Learning in the Glueck Beis Medrash followed, a wonderful experience for all as the energy of those learning filled the room. Some boys learned b’chavrusa and others went to shiurim by MTA Rabbeim and YU Roshei Yeshiva. The MTA group brought tremendous energy to the Beis Medrash, and were a noticeable force of hasmadah.

Although shacharis was difficult after staying up all night, after spending a night learning in such an environment it was not a surprise that davening was a powerful experience. A large dairy kiddush was thoroughly enjoyed after davening concluded. After waking up to eat the second seudas Yom Tov many talmidim went back to the beis medrash or enjoyed time with their friends in the lounge, stocked with food, games, and a ping-pong table.

At 5:30 all returned to the beis medrash for the opportunity to learn b’chavrusa with an older talmid from the college or s’micha program, a specially valuable experience.

Mincha and ma’ariv were again held in the Klein Beis Medrash with a shiur in between from Rabbi Kahn that analyzed the nature of birchas haTorah. Once again the talmidim were able to join the rest of the Yeshiva for the meal and had a wonderful experience. After the meal, the talmidim went to a special MTA oneg with singing, snacks, stories and divrei Torah.

The next morning, they returned to the Glueck Beis Medrash for shacharis with the whole yeshiva, followed by a kiddush and learning, featuring a chaburah with madrich Dov Fink. After learning b’chavrusa, individually or attending a shiur, the talmidim ate the 4th meal of the Yom Tov and returned to the beis medrash or enjoyed some time playing games or relaxing with friends. They were once again able time to take advantage of the beis medrash environment and learned with older talmidim. After mincha in the Klein Beis Medrash, many went to the neilas hachag for singing and powerful divrei Torah, especially from YU Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yitzchok Cohen.

It was a fantastic and uplifting experience for all, and we thank Rabbi Schenker for arranging the program, and Rabbi Kahn and Shuey Jacoby for joining us.

Numerous college and semicha students, as well as YU Roshei Yeshiva, commented on how impressed they were with both the talmidim and the program. “It was inspiring for the college students as well to have the MTA boys around,” noted Shai Kaminetzky (’13), a member of the RIETS Honors program. “I wish they had this when I was there!”


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