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by Ari Englander (’17)

Over the course of three days, the seniors enjoyed a jam packed senior trip, a great way to cap off their four years at MTA. Monday morning, after shacharis, the boys headed to Coastal Sports, where, as the name implies, we enjoyed playing a variety of sports in the indoor arena. The next stop was Dorney Park, followed by mincha, dinner, and learning seder in the local shul in Allentown, PA. From there, the group preceded to their hotel, Split Rock Resort, where the students stayed in private villas that were fully equipped with steam rooms and hot tubs! To end the night, the boys had a midnight BBQ and a kumzits with Rabbi Tanchum Cohen.

The next day, the group woke up to frigid 50 degrees and raining weather, what might not seem like the perfect for that day’s activity: whitewater rafting. Although initially it was cold, everyone enjoyed the day, and the wet suits provided by MTA helped keep everyone comfortable. When they returned to the hotel, they had a few hours to enjoy the amenities, followed my mincha and dinner. That night, after swimming in the hotel pool that was made exclusively available to MTA, there was a late night chulent and kugel. After this, the Seniors gathered together for a special and powerful farewell ceremony. After four incredible years, it was their last night together as a grade. In the dark, a candle was passed around for each boy to talk about a favorite memory or thought. Incredibly, they stayed up past 2:00 AM laughing, crying and feeling the powerful impact of the moment.

On the last day of the trip, Wednesday, the Seniors had the option to play paintball at Skirmish USA, one of the largest paintball facilities in the country, or to go biking on a renowned mountain trail. Both parties had a blast. After finishing and regrouping, they stopped at a rest stop to daven mincha and eat dinner, and then drove home.

Special thanks to Rabbi Green, Rabbi Shulman, and Elie Hirt for their tireless planning and organizing, as well as the Rebbeim and faculty who were with us throughout the trip. .


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