Appel_JoshJosh Appel (’17) follows in the footsteps of his father Michael Appel (’87), grandfathers Rabbi Shlomo Appel (’63) and Dr. Stanley Landsman (’55), and great-grandfather Hyman Lifschitz (’28). Additionally, both Josh’s grandmothers – Miriam Grossman Appel and Esther Lifschitz Landsman – are graduates of sister-school YUHSG/Central and his paternal great-grandfather Rabbi Gersion Appel, a graduate of both Yeshiva College and RIETS, served as a Professor of Jewish studies for many years at Stern College for Women.

What does it mean to you to be a part of such a long family legacy?

To be part of a long family legacy such as this is truly something special. How many people can say they walked the same hallway as their father, grandfather and great-grandfather? The history MTA has is unbelievable and cannot be forgotten. I’m lucky to be a part of something that is bigger than just me and just one class. I’m included in a legacy of outstanding alumni from my family and that is something I will cherish forever.

Have you ever spoken to your father or grandfather about what the school was like when they were here? Did they share any interesting stories?

Josh with his father Michael ('87)

Josh with his father Michael (’87)

My father was always so excited to come to hockey games, parent-son learning and other school events because he loved coming back to MTA. Every time we were in Lamport Auditorium together he would describe to me how they used to take tests in the large room with wooden slabs on their laps. When we walked through the school he would tell me what used to be where and what it looked like. He loved his time in MTA and was happy he could go back with me, his son. When I graduated this year, he told me he was genuinely sad because I would no longer have school events he could attend and come up to MTA for.

What was your favorite aspect of MTA over your four years?

Josh with his grandfather Dr. Stanley Landsman ('55)

Josh with his grandfather Dr. Stanley Landsman (’55)

My favorite aspect of MTA were the friends I made. The group of kids I got close to in my time in high school – who came from all over the NY/NJ region and beyond – helped make every class, event and trip, fun and memorable. I think my experience was enhanced and made special because of my amazing friends.

Do you have a favorite MTA memory?

Josh with his grandfather Rabbi Shlomo Appel ('63)

Josh with his grandfather Rabbi Shlomo Appel (’63)

My favorite memory from MTA will always be our Senior Trip. For those three days, the grade really came together as one and we had a really great time throughout the entire trip. All of the things we did were already fun in themselves, but with the entire group together, it was an unforgettable and perfect ending to an amazing time in MTA.

Thank you MTA for the incredible memories that will last me a lifetime.

Josh will iy”H be attending Yeshivat HaKotel next year, followed by Yeshiva University.



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