By: Elishama Marmon (‘20)

On Tuesday, talmidim in Rabbi Kerner’s Gemara shiur took a trip to Yad Leah to pack clothing for needy Israeli families. They spent the morning sorting, folding, and packing clothing that was given to the organization. The clothes they packed will be sent to men, women, and children in Kfar Tapuach in Israel. “It was really fantastic to work with MTA students,” said Yad Leah Director Jessica Katz.  “This was the first all-boys high school group to visit Yad Leah and you exceeded all expectations. You worked hard and did an amazing job!”  The experience had a real affect on the students too. One of the talmidim, Elie Benedek (‘20), said: “It’s hard to understand that some people struggle with something that we take for granted and going to Yad Leah really helped open our eyes to this issue.”  Click here to view pictures from the trip.


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