Talmidim in Rabbi Netanel Danto’s Freshman shiur at MTA experienced a new way of learning Gemara.   Instead of learning through a bekius masechta, the talmidim acquired the masechta through constant chazara (review) that included learning each daf at least four times, some dapim more than ten times.  “After we finish a certain amount of dapim, we get together for our retzifus chazara, where we focus on doing chazara for an extended period of time without any breaks,” explained Rabbi Danto.  “In the past, we have built up to learning almost three hours at one time without any break whatsoever, and the talmidim see how enjoyable and special it really is.”  The retzifus chazara is followed by a celebratory lunch where talmidim have a chance to see how much knowledge they have gained, as they are tested orally on the dapim they have learned.  This week, the talmidim in Rabbi Danto’s shiur were tested by Yeshiva University Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Baruch Simon, who was very impressed by what they had accomplished.  Click here to listen to the audio recording of Rabbi Simon’s bechina.


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