By: Noam Putterman, MTA Class Of 2018

Freshman Night In last Thursday was an incredible experience!  The evening began after Mishmar with Freshmen, their rebbeim, and Cub2Lion Senior mentors making their way downstairs to the cafeteria to kick off an amazing night in yeshiva. Talmidim enjoyed a delicious dinner of pizza and french fries while spending time with their Senior mentors and rebbeim, who stayed with them throughout the night. Following dinner, everyone got together in their Cub2Lion groups to build a canoe that would carry group members across the Yeshiva University pool. Though not all of the boats successfully made it all the way across the pool, students learned the value of teamwork and proceeded to have a great time swimming with their friends.  After drying off, everyone clamored onto buses headed towards Urban Air trampoline park.  They had a fantastic time jumping, climbing, and swinging across the many obstacle courses and attractions the park has to offer, along with rebbeim who were excited to join in the fun.  When they returned to yeshiva, talmidim enjoyed an ice cream party and everyone received a pair of comfy “Freshmen Night In” pajama pants.  Afterwards, talmidim made their way to the many activities scattered throughout the school, such as floor hockey, basketball, X-Box, and even an impromptu Night Seder!  When it was finally time to go to sleep, talmidim entered classrooms throughout the yeshiva, with two Cub2Lion groups per room.  Talmidim enjoyed talking and relaxing with their mentors and friends until they finally fell asleep.  In the morning after davening and an inspiring d’var Torah delivered by Senior Yossi Dietz, students enjoyed a delicious breakfast from Dunkin Donuts before heading onto the buses home with enjoyable memories from this unique experience.  It was a great opportunity for Freshmen to have a fun time while bonding with their rebbeim, Senior mentors, and friends.



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