By: Yoni Wilks (‘20)

Last week, Mrs. Levitt ‘s English Literature class was transformed into a Broadway theater as students had the opportunity to split into groups and perform different acts from Macbeth, a play by William Shakespeare.  Each group was assigned an act, which they had to perform in front of the class.  In addition, each group made a customized playbill for their performance.  The groups were all very creative.  One group changed the theme of the act to be a fight between the rabbi witches, while another group connected the play to the Chanukah story.  All groups put on fantastic performances, which entertained the whole class.  The magnificent props used in each play were created by students.  The groups also utilized technology and added music and smartboard presentations to enhance their performances. This engaging and interactive assignment was a great way to start off an in-depth classroom unit on the works of Shakespeare and also enabled students to tie in skills and knowledge learned in other classes.


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