In honor of Chanukah, we are highlighting individuals who bring light, warmth, and positivity to those around them.  On each day of Chanukah, we will introduce you to an MTA Light, someone who makes a tremendous impact on the MTA community and beyond and serves as a role model for our talmidim.  Today’s MTA Light is Rabbi Eytan London, 11th Grade Maggid Shiur and Chessed Coordinator.  Rabbi London works tirelessly to provide our talmidim with chessed opportunities and teaches them, by example, what it means to give back to others.  “Chessed is essential because it requires us to look outside of ourselves and see how we can help others.  It’s an amazing feeling to watch the excitement of our talmidim as they embark on a chessed trip or project, knowing that their efforts will make a difference.  Throughout my life, I have been inspired by my rebbeim, in particular, Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern, Rabbi of the Young Israel of Scarsdale and an MTA graduate, who has been a mentor and close friend for more than 15 years.  As a rebbe, I develop relationships with my talmidim and do my best to inspire them, as my rebbeim inspired me, to not only grow as b’nei Torah, but also to continue giving back to the community.”  Thank you, Rabbi London, for being a source of light for our talmidim and showing us the meaning of chessed.



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