Today’s MTA Light is Dr. Ed Berliner, Physics/Math Instructor and Director of Honors College and Executive Director of Science Management/Clinical Professor of Physics at Yeshiva University.  Prior to his teaching career, Dr. Berliner completed his thesis research at Columbia University under the guidance of Nobel Laureate, Dr. Leon Lederman and spent 23 years at Bell Labs, playing a central role as Director in the fields of fiber optics, mobile/cellular communications, and IP telephony.  Dr. Berliner brings this extensive experience to the classroom, where his genuine love of teaching and the warmth and enthusiasm he demonstrates towards his students, creates an environment where learning comes to life.  In addition to teaching, Dr. Berliner provides many opportunities for students to continue developing their skills, including enabling them to participate in unique educational programs at YU and connecting them with prestigious internships.  “I was trained to be a creator and improve the world.  During my career in the private sector, I had a long talk with one of my mentors who suggested that teaching might be the best opportunity to continue pursuing both of those goals.  I am grateful for the 23 years I spent in the scientific research world and I am equally grateful for the past 15 years I have spent at MTA.  Both, coupled together, made me a better person, a better thinker, and a better teacher.  My MTA students are extremely bright and motivated.  They revel in the experience of being given revolutionary methods of thought and tools to solve problems they never even knew existed.  It’s extremely rewarding to provide my students with the very best opportunity to attain greatness.  During my own years as a student, I was attracted to good, smart people who were working on interesting problems that were important.  I encourage my students to do the same, and I believe, they listen to me because I did it, because I was there.  We are now at the point that when I approach a colleague to request an internship for one of my students, they want the student to start as quickly as possible because our students have earned marvelous reputations, both for themselves and for the future students who will follow them.  This is a tribute to the intellectual curiosity and power of the MTA students, who I learn so much from.  Any interaction with my students, either inside or outside the classroom, gives me knowledge and insight, which makes me a more effective teacher.  This is truly a labor of love.”  Thank you, Dr. Berliner, for encouraging our students to reach their highest potential and for creating an academic environment that enables them to do so.


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