Today’s MTA Light is Junior Noam Mayerfeld of Teaneck, NJ.  As a participant in our Makor Chaim Israel Exchange Program, MTA LEAD entrepreneurship program, and Captain of the Debate Team, Noam is a true example of leadership from the perspective of a Ben Torah.  Upon his return from Makor Chaim last year, Noam immediately began planning the best ways to share the life-changing lessons he learned with the rest of our yeshiva.  “In Makor Chaim, they focus on spirituality and self-growth.  During my time there, we had discussions with rebbeim, Israelis, and our madrichim about davening, learning, and our challenges and how to combat them.  Aside from the friendships I made, I also grew as a person and became more spiritual and connected to Hashem in my everyday life.  One of the major focuses of our experience, an idea that I really took back with me, was the concept of being true to yourself.  I still reflect from time to time on my challenges, strengths, and weaknesses, and how I plan to continue to grow.  I, together with students who went to Makor Chaim last year, hope to share the Makor Chaim spirit, the lessons, and the values that we learned, with the MTA community.  To help facilitate this, we are planning to stay in the dorms with the Makor Chaim students who will be joining us this year and participate in programs with them.  We hope that in addition to enhancing the Israelis’ experience, this initiative will help spread the unique feeling of Makor Chaim and its lessons to the MTA student body.  I try to make a positive impact in other areas as well.  As Captain of the Debate Team, I help run practices and judge mock debates.  Outside of the specific framework of practice, I try to do more.  When I was a Freshman, there were a few Seniors who took me under their wings, helped me with any issues I had, and acted as my role models.  Inspired by them, I attempt to follow in their footsteps and recreate that feeling for the next generation of novices.  I make myself available to help with anything, I try to bring the team together as a unit, but mostly, I strive to be a role model that the team can look up to.”  Thank you, Noam, for enhancing our yeshiva with your spirituality and desire to continue growing and improving and for lighting the way for our students as a role model.


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