Talmidim in Rabbi Kerner’s shiur headed out to Paterson, NJ on Sunday to learn about the laws of Shechita, Melicha, and Kisui Hadam from Rabbi Avidan Elkin, a Shochet and MTA parent.  Rav Elkin educated talmidim about how the Shochet sharpens his knife, what makes a shechita kosher or disqualified, and many of the other intricacies surrounding kosher meat and poultry.  He then did an actual shechita of a duck, assisted by MTA student Matt Welgrin.  Matt was then able to do the mitzvah of kisui hadam (covering the blood), as the rest of the talmidim watched and answered “amen” to his bracha.  The talmidim enjoyed watching the halachos come to life during this interesting and informative presentation of an area of Jewish law that we all take for granted, but rarely get to see up close.  We are grateful to Rav Elkin for providing talmidim with the opportunity to experience this mitzvah in person.


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