By: Shua Pariser, MTA Class of 2020

It’s Finals Week at MTA, which always brings an event that many students and teachers look forward to: our iconic Study Night.  While it’s a known fact that you are supposed to study for finals, it’s not unusual for students to get nervous or overwhelmed.  At MTA, we are fortunate to have incredible teachers who give up their evening to participate in Study Night, where they help students study for finals.  Teachers are available throughout the evening to study with students in small groups and Seniors in the Arista Honors Society are also available to tutor and provide guidance in subjects ranging from Gemara to History and AP Calculus.  Fueled by pizza and snacks, students and teachers work together to ensure that everyone enters Finals Week feeling confident and prepared.  As students, it’s such a great feeling to know that our teachers are here to support us and help us reach our highest potential.  On behalf of the MTA student body, thank you to English Department Chair Mrs. Levitt and the Arista Honors Society for coordinating such a great event.


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