By: Elishama Marmon (‘20)

In preparation for an upcoming debate against Heschel on whether or not capital gains taxes should be abolished, the MTA Debate Team learned about the topic of capital gains taxes from Mr. Rosenberg, husband of MTA Math Instructor Ms. Newborn.  This particular topic is not well known or understood among high school students and Mr. Rosenberg’s explanations of the pros and cons of abolishing the capital gains tax, as well as multiple ways one could interpret “abolishing” the tax, were extremely helpful.  He also discussed how one could plan to alleviate the loss of money for the United States by either increasing other taxes or taking other measures. It was a very educational presentation for team members for the purposes of the debate as well as for life as future tax paying citizens.

The Debate Team also had the privilege of hearing from Junior Benny Mermel, who gave a wonderful presentation on hate speech for an upcoming debate about a potential amendment to exclude hate speech from the protection of the first amendment.  He explained past cases, Supreme Court rulings, and how the vague resolution could lead to a debate about what hate speech is, as opposed to whether or not it should be prohibited. The presentation helped the team understand some of the intricacies of the topic for the upcoming debate.


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