Talmidim in Rabbi Danto’s Freshman shiur at MTA have voluntarily taken it upon themselves to not only be mesayem the entire maseches Taanis, but to also do chazara on each daf at least 4 times, and some up to 6 or 7 times! As part of this program, the shiur was recently invited to participate in a very special event at Valley Terrace in Monsey, sponsored by V’haarev Na, an organization that encourages experiencing the sweetness of Torah through acquiring a masechta by means of constant chazara. The program started with a learning seder, where more than 600 talmidim learned uninterrupted for several hours. At the conclusion of the seder, rebbeim addressed the talmidim, followed by one of the talmidim making his 35th siyum on maseches Taanis. Immediately afterwards, all 600 talmidim and rebbeim danced and sang in celebration of their great Torah accomplishments. After the delicious, festive seuda, the evening ended with a kumzitz featuring Eitan Katz and Baruch Levine. The entire experience was tremendously uplifting, and inspired our talmidim to continue their chazara with even greater hasmada.


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