In preparation for Yom Hazikaron, MTA students had the opportunity to hear from IDF General Bentzi Gruber, Founder of Ethics In The Field, a non-profit organization that instills the values of community and social responsibility in the hearts of IDF soldiers throughout their military service, enabling them to maintain their moral compass while defending and protecting the State of Israel. General Gruber’s multimedia presentation attempts to destroy myths and present the facts missing in today’s discussions on Israeli counter terrorism.  

With 20,000 soldiers under his command, General Gruber discussed various situations faced by members of the IDF on a daily basis and how they make ethical decisions under pressure.  He tells his soldiers to ask themselves the following 3 questions before using force in the field: Are you using force solely to accomplish the mission? Are you using force only against your enemy?  Is the collateral damage proportionate to the immediate threat? By asking themselves these questions, soldiers are trained to make decisions on their own in under 10 seconds that eliminate the danger at hand, while staying within ethical parameters.  General Gruber used examples to explain how oftentimes, enemies of Israel are unethical in battle, while Israel always strives to maintain a humane approach.

General Gruber’s discussion gave students a deeper appreciation for the IDF and the challenges soldiers face every day to protect Israel and the Jewish nation.


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