By: Baruch Schwartz (‘18)

Recently, both of Morah Haibi’s Hebrew Ulpan classes took a journey down to Golan Heights for a unique experience as a celebration of the Ulpan curriculum completion.  Students were given a budget to purchase food at Golan and had to order in Hebrew as well as speak in Hebrew for the duration of the meal. Much fun was had by all, as students ate and enjoyed lively discussions.

There were three components to the trip, the first being the simplest – speaking entirely in Hebrew.  After a whole academic year of studying and speaking the language, the Ulpan students found speaking in Hebrew to be easier than anticipated.  The second part was a little more difficult. Playing ‘Riviot’, or as we Americans call it, Go Fish, is fun in Hebrew, but the competitive nature of the students made it difficult to win!  Last but certainly not least, Rabbi Taubes gave a shiur, which described how learning Hebrew is not only a secular achievement, but also a spiritual one, as it is the language of our people.  

Overall, this trip to Golan and the accompanying discussion in Hebrew was very enjoyable for all, and it is was a wonderful capstone to a year of incredible achievements in learning and speaking the Hebrew language.  


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