Talmidim in Rabbi Schenker’s Sophomore shiur have been learning  the sefer Mesillas Yesharim, which teaches them how to maximize their time in this world and to be the best ovdei Hashem possible.  Their lively shiur discussions of the sefer have sparked many questions surrounding Judaism in general and the concept of emunah.  To help talmidim further explore these issues and find answers to their questions, Rabbi Schenker assigned partners for each talmid and instructed every group to choose any question from the hundreds included in the Ner Le’Elef outreach book of questions and answers.  Then, each group researched their questions, discovered answers, and presented their findings to the rest of the shiur.  “Challenging my talmidim to explore their burning questions, enabled them to develop a deeper understanding of emunah and bitachon, which are the cornerstones of Judaism,” said Rabbi Schenker.  ” Sharing their research with the entire shiur allowed each talmid to learn more about each other and served as a springboard for deeper discussions.”


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