By: Ephraim Meiri (‘18) and Moshe Hecht (‘18)

Seniors in Morah Haibi’s Ulpan class enjoyed a year of rigorous programming, designed to immerse them in Israeli culture.  They finished off the year with a unique final exam. Rather than a written test, Mora Haibi asked each student to have a conversation with either Rabbi Taubes or Rabbi Richter entirely in Ivrit.  The conversations discussed everything from the student’s favorite book or summer plans to their post-graduation plans. Often, the tester threw the student a curveball and asked a question they weren’t expecting.  The purpose of the final was for students to demonstrate their Hebrew language skills, which each student in the class has truly mastered. More Importantly, each student acquired the confidence to fully converse in a high level of Ivrit, which is something they may have doubted they would ever accomplish before taking Morah Haibi’s Ulpan class.  By the end of the year, each student’s Hebrew had drastically improved from the beginning of the year and they look forward to using their language skills to have meaningful experiences and conversations when they embark on their year of learning in Israel in the fall.


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