By: Elie Benedek (‘20)

The Debate Team celebrated a successful year filled with many victories and trophies at their end-of-year dinner. This year, it was a joint event with the Mock Trial Team. The evening started off with speeches by the faculty coaches for both clubs, Mrs Levitt and Noah.  Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a great dinner from Carlos and Gabby’s and reminisced about all of the debates they participated in throughout the year. Following dinner, there was an extemporaneous style debate on whether or not humans should modify their genes.  The two Debate Team Captains, Akiva Cooper (‘18) and Noam Mayerfeld (‘19), debated as the affirmative team versus Rafi Saperstein (‘20) and Nadav Heller (‘19), who argued against the resolution. Both teams debated extremely well and the votes were close, but it was the affirmative side that walked away the victors.  After the debate, debaters retold stories of their most memorable judges. The two Team Captains then gave their end-of-year speeches to the club. Finally, Mrs. Levitt concluded the dinner with the announcement of next year’s Debate Team Officers and named Joseph Ginsberg (‘19) as Vice President, Nadav Heller (‘19) and Davi Hazan (‘19) as Co-Presidents, Benny Mermel (‘19) as First Captain, and Noam Mayerfeld as Captain-President. Thank you to Davi Hazan and Benny Mermel for helping organize the dinner, and a big thank you to Mrs. Levitt for all the time and effort she puts into the Debate Team every year.  Looking forward to celebrating more successes next year!


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