On Monday, June 11th, MTA celebrated the Commencement Ceremony of its 100th graduating class.  The program opened with inspiring words from Head of School Rabbi Joshua Kahn, who also acknowledged the 17 families who were experiencing their last MTA graduation as their youngest or only son graduated.  These families have been part of the MTA community ranging between 4 and 14 years and will be greatly missed. Senior Avi Bodzin of Highland Park, NJ delivered the Invocation, followed by words of encouragement from Yeshiva University President Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, who recalled his own graduation from MTA 30 years before and called upon the graduates to become the leaders of tomorrow.  Salutatorian Noam Putterman of Teaneck, NJ discussed the importance of the rebbe-talmid relationship in ensuring each graduate’s success wherever the future takes them. Valedictorian David Tanner of New York City asked his fellow graduates to reflect upon the most important thing they learned over the past 4 years and decide how they plan to utilize it as a tool to improve the lives of others.  After a musical interlude from the award-winning MTA Chorus, Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Michael Taubes addressed the graduates and reminded them to allow the Torah and Mitzvos to continue guiding them throughout their lives. Senior Zeve Kornwasser of Teaneck, NJ made a Siyum on Masseches Sukkah and reminded his peers to sustain the powerful relationships they developed with their rebbeim. Senior Yaakov Lauer of Teaneck, NJ provided the Benediction, inviting fellow students to use their unique skills to make a positive impact on the world.  General Studies Principal Dr. Seth Taylor closed the ceremony and called each student to the stage to receive their diploma. 15 fathers and grandfathers who are MTA alumni, were also called to the stage, where they had the privilege of presenting their son/grandson with their diplomas, enhancing the 100th Commencement Ceremony with the rich history and tradition that is unique to MTA.


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