By: Shua Pariser (‘20)

This past Tuesday night, MTA started off the varsity hockey season strong against Hillel Academy. The stage was set with the face off, which was won by Hillel. The ball flew back and forth, all over the Lions’ Den for six minutes, with some great saves by the MTA Goalie, Avi Daskal (‘19). It was around six minutes in and Ari Rosenberg (‘19) came in for the first goal to bring MTA up 1-0. Four more goals were scored in the first period to bring the score to 5-0. Second period started, and 30 seconds in, MTA scored a sixth goal. Hillel scored one goal to make it 6-1. MTA scored three more goals, to make it 9-1. Third period began and Joe Pearl (‘20) scored, bringing the score up once again to 10-1. Seven minutes later, the final goal was scored by Dovi Forman (‘20), to bring the score to 11-1, and MTA pulled away with the win. Some of the top scorers were Ari Rosenberg, Yosef Sullivan (‘20), Joe Pearl, and Dovi Forman.


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