By: Moshe Inger (‘20)

On Tuesday, Juniors in Rabbi Brownstein’s AP English class visited the Yeshiva University Museum on West 16th Street in New York City.  They had the opportunity to see the museum’s latest exhibit, Lost and Found, which features a photo album from the early 1900s that belonged to a Lithuanian Jewish family.  The album was smuggled out of a ghetto and has been conserved ever since. Museum Curator Dr. Jacob Wisse discussed the exhibit and shared the story of how the album, which contains approximately 119 pictures, was smuggled out of the ghetto by a family friend, who was able to preserve it for generations, until it was returned to its owners.  Students learned how important preserving familial heritage and tradition was to many Jewish communities back then, especially those that could afford it. Students enjoyed this valuable experiential learning opportunity and look forward to continuing the conversation in Rabbi Brownstein’s class.


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