On Thursday, November 30th, MTA Freshmen enjoyed an incredible Night In Yeshiva with their rebbeim and Senior mentors.  The evening kicked off with pizza and a d’var Torah, then the real fun began! Freshmen and their Senior mentors broke into groups and built boats out of cardboard boxes.  Once the boats were constructed, they headed over to the Yeshiva University pool for a boat race to see which boats could float. Then they went on to Urban Air Trampoline Park for even more fun and excitement!  Afterwards, they returned to yeshiva and made their own ice cream sundaes and played sports before finally going to sleep. Everyone returned home the next morning after Shacharis, breakfast, and a d’var Torah. “Freshmen are still getting comfortable in their new high school environment,” said Director of Student Activities Elie Hirt.  “Freshman Night In is the perfect way for talmidim to make new friends, bond together as a grade, learn from their Senior mentors, and get to know their rebbeim better. Watching talmidim and rebbeim develop relationships as they bond over games of laser tag and sports is such an incredible experience.”


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