Today’s MTA Chanukah Light is Rabbi Netanel Danto.  A Freshman Rebbe, Junior Grade Dean, and Director of our Yeshiva Fellowship program, Rabbi Danto is committed to fostering the religious and spiritual growth of all of our talmidim.  In his Freshman Shiur, Rabbi Danto has adopted the V’haarev Na approach, which is aimed at helping talmidim learn to love learning Gemara. In Shiur, talmidim focus on learning Bekius b’retzifus – learning straight for as long as they can.  In the beginning of the year, talmidim learn for 1-1.5 hours straight and build up to 3 hours of uninterrupted learning by the end of the year.  Through chazzara and learning for extended periods without interruption, talmidim gain a deep and clear understanding of the Gemara on their own and truly begin to appreciate the sweetness of Torah.  “As a rebbe, I want to instill within my talmidim a love for Hashem and His Torah and inspire them to make a lifelong commitment to Avodas Hashem.  I can only hope that Hashem gives me siyata dishmaya in helping our talmidim grow to their fullest potential.  Through participating in the many exciting and inspiring opportunities our Yeshiva Fellowship program has to offer, including learning on a weekly basis with Gedolei Torah, talmidim are given the framework to raise the bar for themselves when it comes to ruchniyus.  However, the talmidim grow most by learning from each other. The feeling of being part of a group of growth-oriented talmidim is enhanced through the Shabbatons, trips, and mussar vaadim the program provides and gives them the confidence to strive for greatness in their avodas Hashem.”  Thank you, Rabbi Danto, for your guidance and encouragement, for instilling a love for Torah within our talmidim, and for being a constant source of light for all of us.


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