Today’s MTA Chanukah Light is Parent, Mr. Mitchel Aeder. A busy Tax Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers who is on call for his clients 24/6, Mr. Aeder makes time to daven daily with a minyan, maintain a regular limmud Torah schedule, and spend time with his family. In addition to juggling these responsibilities, he also gives back to the Jewish community as an Officer at the Orthodox Union and Chairman of Yachad, as well as serving in a voluntary capacity at various other organizations in the US, Israel, and South America. “I believe it is crucially important for a person to have a ‘rebbe’ in every aspect of his or her personal, professional, and religious life. I have been blessed with numerous people who have inspired and guided me in my communal involvements. First and foremost, both of my parents were active leaders of UJA, as well as in our shul and other organizations. My parents were doers, not just givers. The reigning philosophy in our home was, ‘someone has to to do it; why not me?’ Over the years, various lay and professional leaders of extraordinary passion and talent have acted as my role models in avodas ha’klal. The Jewish community has great needs, which to me, means that there are limitless opportunities for all of us to pitch in and for our lives to be enriched by serving the klal. Some commitments are large and others relatively modest, but nonetheless important. For example, my kids (and now my grandkids) take responsibility for shoveling the shul’s sidewalks whenever it snows. Someone has to do it; why not me? As a parent, the choice among excellent high schools can be overwhelming. Baruch Hashem, MTA has been an absolutely perfect fit for our Gedalya (‘20). He wanted a high school that provides a genuine yeshiva environment and also allows him to play hockey. Most importantly, he has been inspired and mentored by incredible rebbeim who not only relate to him where he is, but also challenge him to push his limits. Rabbi Richter, Rabbi Kerner, and, now, Rabbi Mendelson, teach Gemara, but they are also Gedalya’s rebbeim for life.” Thank you, Mr. Aeder, for being a guiding light and showing our boys that they can have successful careers, families, and still prioritize Torah in their everyday lives, in addition to making a profound impact on our community. 


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