Today’s MTA Chanukah Light is Mrs. Rivka Djavaheri.  As a History Instructor, Mrs. Djavaheri integrates traditional teaching methods with the latest technology in her classroom.  She brings learning to life for her students and strives to transform each lesson into an interesting and exciting experience.  “There are so many things going on in today’s world that my students have never even heard of, let alone the ancient and historic worlds.  I want them to walk away from my class with their mind’s expanded beyond the reality of their own lives and into the lives of people from long ago times.  I want my students to know more. Even though they can Google pretty much anything, there is value to being a knowledgeable person. Being in the classroom is a great way for me to share knowledge and ideas with my students.  I use visual modalities, such as video clips on topics we are learning, including archaeological sites in Neolithic villages, the scientific advancements of the civilizations we study, music videos on important themes in history, battle recreations, and video biographies highlighting the lives of impactful individuals.  These tools bring history closer to reality for my students. I also integrate Jewish history, stories from Tanach and the Gemara, Jewish analogies, and general Torah sources and ideas into class discussions. I think it’s important for the boys to see that I am just as immersed in, knowledgeable of, and passionate about Torah as I am about History.  This duality shows my students how they can blend Torah and Judaism into whatever professions they choose to embark on in their futures. There is nothing like the feeling of sharing a subject I am passionate about with students who are engaged and involved. On an individual level, it is my job to encourage my students, teach them skills that will help them be successful, and most importantly, to show them that I believe in them.”   Thank you, Mrs. Djavaheri, for serving as an incredible role model for your students and for sharing the light of knowledge with them every day.


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