By: Yosef Zakon (‘21)

On Wednesday, December 12th, the MTA JV Basketball Lions took on the Kushner Cobras at Kushner.  The game started with MTA winning the tip, which got the ball to Dani Wolk (‘22), who passed it to Yosef Zakon (‘21) for a layup.  After that, MTA went into their press defense, which led to a steal by Shua Alexander (‘22) and a bucket by Yosef Zakon. Kushner was looking to score, but there was another turnover by them, which led to another basket for MTA.  From there, MTA kept the momentum going, with Ben Platovsky (‘21) mesmerizing the defense with his handles and a layup, which put MTA up 17-0. Kushner finally scored their first basket. With 30 seconds left until the half, Yosef Zakon passed the ball to Ben Platovsky, who passed to Azi Goldberg (‘21), who made a jump shot on the left base line to close the half.  At the half, MTA was up 39-8. Third quarter started and Kushner brought the ball up. A miscommunication between their team members left MTA with yet another fast break layup. Well into the third quarter, Kushner hit a 3 and then a fast break layup, which cut the lead from 39-8 to 39-13 MTA. Tani Engel (‘21) was too good for the Kushner Cobras and made some nice post up moves throughout the quarters.  MTA took out their starters with five minutes left in the third quarter and put the bench on, leading with Shai Friedman (‘21), who got a few quick buckets. Fourth quarter started with Kushner getting a couple of shots in to make the score 55-18 MTA. Fourth quarter started winding down and Gershon Colton (‘22) hit a shot with the foul, then Isaac Rubenstein (‘21) hit a layup. The game ended with a 62-25 win for MTA.


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