Juniors in our Yeshiva Fellowship program brought halacha to life on Monday, December 17th, as they toured Mikvah Yisroel in Flatbush with their Mashgiach, Rabbi Mendelson, and Dr. Shlomo Neuhoff, whose mother the mikvah is named for.  Talmidim learned how a kosher mikvah is built, including where the mikvah water comes from and how it is distributed. They saw the two waterways that fill the main pit of the mikvah with rainwater and the pit itself that contains 67 gallons of rainwater.  After the tour, they enjoyed lunch before returning to yeshiva. The Yeshiva Fellowship program is unique to MTA and provides talmidim with additional opportunities to grow in Torah learning and develop both communally and individually.  Each grade has their own Mashgiach and participates in additional Talmud Torah programs and educational trips.


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